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Zala tape hair extensions in Preston and Altona

 ​​Half head tape in = from $350

Full head tape in = from $525    

Celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Simpson, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Beckham and countless others regularly surprise the world with new and different hairstyles — changing colour, style and even the length of their hair — over the course of just a couple days. How do they do it? Hair Extensions!

Unlike many of the hairdressing salons that offer hair extensions, hair specialists at Lux Hair are dedicated specialists in the application and aftercare of professionally applied hair extensions.

Our specialists at Lux Hair can give you instantly longer, fuller and thicker hair with our tape-in hair extensions. This quick process involves taping extensions into your natural hair, which can then be styled or cut however you want. With a large variety of colours available, we can even blend the hair with your natural colour to create highlights, ombre and balayage.

While remaining completely hidden, these extensions are lightweight and can be worn up or down, making them a perfect investment for those looking for a little extra hair that is suitable and durable enough for everyday life.

The hairstyle is everything…it is the look. Whenever you want to change it, it must be given some thought. If you have weak or short hair, there is not a lot you can do, but with the Hair Extension technique, the problem is solved in a short time and with the best results! Hair Extension locks are the best professional solution to have a fashionable and trendy style. Beautiful Hair … Beautiful Face! Hair Extensions allows you endless possibilities! Add length to short hair, add volume to thin and lifeless hair, and add colour without the use of chemicals. Volume a problem? Not anymore with the wonderful Hair Extensions system! Best quality and easy to apply Hair Extension will give you the best look! A few of the combinations you can create with the wide range of Hair Extension locks! The locks are available in natural, warm, classic tones, such as in fantasy. Style with the utmost sophisticated looks! All this is possible without stressing your hair with aggressive chemical products.

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Our services include a comprehensive guarantee and complimentary check-up aftercare appointment for our human hair extensions. Zala Great Lengths hair extensions have a different life span but are also highly effective and getting more popular all the time.

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Altona Gate Shopping Centre Level 1 ( Next to Kmart 124- 134 Millers Road Altona North Vic 3025
(03) 9315 1466


Shop K9, 2-50 Murray Road Preston Vic 3072
(03) 9470 2488